For India’s Largest Logistics and Supply Chain Company

Business Need:

  • Development of a new Website along with Customer portal adding value to the Customer experience and providing relevant information in a timely manner.
  • Portal application for large and privileged Customers giving a single interface for performing different transactions and accessing varied reports on performance of their goods movement.


  • Use of WebCenter to develop new website.
  • Use of ADF in WebCenter for developing portal application which provides different functionalities like reverse logistics, pick up request, virtual cargo, TAT reports, Waybill Tracking
  • Use of ADF dashboards for reporting
  • Use of responsive design to ensure website and portal application availability on all devices like laptops, desktops and mobile.

Key Highlights:

  • Better Customer experience and provision of simple website for transacting.
  • Real time integration with other systems resulting in faster information availability to Customer and also flexibility of accessing information across different devices and OS and formats as convenient for the Customer.
  • Easy maintenance of content by developing workflows in UCM.

Key Products:

  • Oracle WebCenter 11.7
  • Oracle UCM 11.7
  • Oracle ADF 11.7

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