For the largest manufacturer of Steel Products in North America

Business Need:

  • Implementation to be based on Oracle’s Best Practice “Application Integration Architecture” for SOA, encompassing high level of modularity and decoupling so as to enable the implementation to be reusable.


  • Usage of Oracle’s made to fit Oracle Apps adapter for communication with EBS.
  • Extensively decoupled solution enabling the Customer to rapidly reuse the code made for one steel plant, at 6 other steel plants, without any customizations.
  • High degree of fault handling in the code for tracking and reporting.
  • High degree of failover protection using clustering and load balancing.

Key Highlights:

  • High degree of reusability – Up to 90% of the one-time developed code reused for implementation at 6 other steel plants, hence going live in a fraction of time.
  • Real time integration with Oracle and Mainframe Systems resulting in faster information availability to Customer.
  • High degree of failover protection for ensuring continuous availability.

Key Products:

  • Oracle SOA
  • Oracle BPEL
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid-Control 12c
  • Oracle AIA
  • Jenkins

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