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Business Need:

  • To create fault tolerant scheduled SOA processes, capable of delivering data between legacy IBM AS/400 systems and Oracle EBS R12


  • Customized modular interfaces capable of interacting with the endpoints (IBM AS/400  and Oracle EBS R12) using stored procedures as well as interface tables on both systems, using Oracle’s best practice service design for SOA processes along with adapters provided by Oracle.
  • Designed System is capable of interfacing 1000’s of PO’s, Requisitions etc. along with their master information between the 2 systems.
  • The solution is also capable of running pre-audit checks as well as data manipulation prior to interfacing

Key Highlights:

  • Automated: No human intervention required
  • Modular design
  • Minimal interdependence of other services
  • Tolerant to system or endpoint shut-downs and restarts

Key Products:

  • Oracle SOA: BPEL Process Manager
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Oracle EBS R-12

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